repair guarantee

Because our primary goal is to give you complete peace of mind, our strollers are designed to be used as long as possible. We want you to be able to enjoy them with several children and even to pass it down through generations. For this reason, and in order to respect our ecological commitments, we provide  a lifetime repair guarantee : repairing is extending the lifespan of products and reducing our environmental impact.

 For the first two years, your product is covered by the 2-year legal warranty, which applies upon presentation of proof of purchase. The lifetime repair warranty takes over from the legal warranty, and therefore starts the day after the second anniversary of your purchase.


You can repair and replace some parts of your stroller at home. To do so, simply purchase the replacement parts directly from our website here. We put together easy-to-follow online guides to help you care for your Babyride stroller and repair any damage that happens along the way.

What types of damages are we talking about ?


  1. Umbrella holder
  2. Cork handles
  3. Wheels
  4. Brakes
  5. Wooden mudguard
  6. Clamping system
  7. Loxx and leather strap
  8. Wooden footboard


For any replacement and more important damage requiring a professional, Babyride will take care of a return to the workshop. (Free of charge from a relay point / 15€ for home collection).

All repair costs other than parts will be covered by Babyride.

Certified "Puériculture engagée"

Our stroller has been awarded a French label that is given to childcare products meeting high environmental and human standards. 

It therefore allows consumers to find their way in a competitive market and to choose to consume responsibly. 

Made in France

& sustainable

2-year warranty

& a lifetime repair guarantee

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