a sustainable stroller

Our adventure

Pierre-Yves, a former top-level athlete and above all a father of 4 children, has tested and worn out a few strollers. Not one of them met the main criteria, essential to his ideal stroller : maneuverability, look, comfort and sustainability.

“After 25 years working in communications in Paris, I have returned to my roots, where I can breathe again. I imagined a stroller that could go anywhere (beach, mountains, trails, forest) : simple, functional, trendy and green. Ideal for active parents, who care for nature and are eager to start a ‘Babyride’ community. »


The Babyride

“La belle poussette”, sustainable and made in France.

Our approach has been to integrate the environment into the design of the product right from the start. Basic specifications : one tube, 3 wheels, one canvas ; for a stylish, minimalist and timeless design.

The manufacturing process was carefully planned, and calculated to leave the smallest environmental footprint.

“We are thinking of our children and our children’s children for a better world”.

Our approach

Babyride® is a concept, an identity, a unique and minimalist stroller, designed to take you wherever the others don’t go.

Our main ambition is to bring to the users (baby/parents) a real comfort, tested and approved by young and old, while taking care of the earth.

A beautiful stroller, handmade in France with quality materials and with almost infinite longevity.


We manufacture locally.  

Based in Anglet in the Basque Country, we have chosen to manufacture our products locally : our stroller’s hammock is made 62km away from our offices, from French felt and Belgian linen. The frame is made, assembled and shipped 130km away. The basket is made in Brittany.

From the selection of raw materials, right down to the choice of our partners, our packaging and the optimization of transportation, we aim to reach a « zero plastic » goal.

When you buy at Babyride, you are paying for durability, quality of a French product and the assurance of an eco-friendly manufacturing process that is committed to respecting human rights.


To limit our footprint, we are particularly careful about the materials we use.  It is made from high quality materials (natural, recycled and recyclable) such as linen, wool felt, steel, cork, wood…

With 98% of its materials being recyclable, the environmental criteria has been taken into account right from the design stage and throughout the life cycle of the product.

We pay attention to every detail and choose the highest quality materials to create products that are built to last. 

The life cycle

From manufacturing to the use of raw materials (linen, wool, metal, recycled PES), and by recycling our strollers after years of good and loyal service, we want to control the life cycle of our strollers and make it “100% POSITIVE IMPACT”.